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Johannes Ranke
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The R library drfit is routinely used in our Department for analysing our cytotoxicity, enzyme inhibition and some ecotoxicity data, e.g. from tests with Lemna minor, Vibrio fischeri or growth inhibition assays with plants. The package is hosted on CRAN since July 21, 2004.

Some time later, the drc package appeared on CRAN, which is now much more powerful and better maintained than my package. However, drfit still does an excellent job in automated dose-response evaluation of the large amounts of data in the UFT databases.

It is also different from drc as in drfit the concentration response data are first normalised between the values of the negative and the positive controls, so the zero and full response levels are not fitted to the data but taken from prior information.

Introductory article on the package: Rnews_2006-3.pdf (3.8 MB)
CRAN package page: drfit
Source code: http://cgit.jrwb.de/drfit

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