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7 March 2014 After working for consulting companies for five years I have now started a small company. Please visit www.jrwb.de for more information.
4 Juli 2013 It was a great pleasure to give the module in risk analysis for chemicals in the environment in the UFT in May for five motivated chemistry master students. The time schedule for the different parts of the module can be found here.
24 April 2012As the homepage of my former working group in the UFT was moved, my homepage is now hosted on chem. Some old material from my former group can be found here as well.
9 July 2010After my official "Antrittsvorlesung" (maybe something like an inaugural lecture) entitled "Werturteile in den Umweltnaturwissenschaften anhand von Beispielen aus Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie", I am now Privatdozent and have the right to teach at the University of Bremen, the venia legendi for the subject environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology.
17 January, 2010 As I have been informed that my Habilitation has been accepted by the faculty council (Fachbereichsrat), I now produced an internet version of my thesis without the copyrighted articles, in order to fulfil my publication duty as per the Habilitationsordnung.
24 November 2009I will be in Bremen for my Habilitationskolloquium on Monday, December 14th. I will give a lecture from 12:15 - 13:00 in Prof. Balzers course on "Meereschemie" (marine chemistry) with the topic "Meeresverschmutzung" (marine pollution) in the NW2, Hörsaal 2 (C0300). The scientific presentation on the topic "Lineare freie Enthalpie-Beziehungen mit mehreren Parametern (mLFER) und ihre Anwendung in der Umweltchemie" (Multiparameter LFER and their application in environmental chemistry) will take place at 2 pm c.t. in the same location. Following this talk there will be the "Kolloquium" where scientific questions and my merits and shortcomings will be discussed. All these events are open to the public. I would be delighted to see you there!
May 23, 2008Today is my last day in the UFT at the University of Bremen. After my vacation which I will mainly spend writing, I will start to work for RCC Ltd on July 1st, where I will serve as Mathematical Fate Modeller.
December 12, 2007Students looking for the password protected download of slides of my lecture "Organische Chemikalien in der Umwelt" that was part of the "Ringvorlesung Umwelt- und Meereschemie", look here (3.4 MB)
October 25, 2007 I just thought I'd share this little impression of the celebration of Prof. Jastorff's retirement on September 14. Thanks to Ioana for the picture.
October 23, 2007The lecture "Einführung in die Chromatographie" has successfully started. Next week we will start at 11:15 because of exams that some participants have to take
October 1, 2007While the resonance for my talk on open standards for ecotoxicological risk asessment of chemicals was only modest, I was very pleasantly surprised that our poster won the poster price of the conference in Osnabrück. What the jury probably didn't know is that I already won the poster price at the meeting of the GDCh Fachgruppe Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie in Bayreuth back in 2000 ...
September 21, 2007For a long time I have wanted to add a description of my research interests and a short CV to my homepage. So here it is now, along with a list of the research projects that I have been involved in.

On another note, I will be giving a talk on my vision of a transparent and efficient ecotoxicological risk analysis at the conference of the GDCh section of environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. I will also present a poster on a QSAR study of IL toxicity to four different organisms.

You can also meet me in Prague at the Ionic Liquids conference on October 16-18 where I will give a pre-conference workshop on the environmental impact of ionic liquids.
Mai 10, 2007Today I received the official acceptance letter for our article in the special issue of Chemical Reviews on Green Chemistry, which made me very happy. For details and tracking the status of our publications, see the list of publications of me and our group
January 8, 2007I am now the official maintainer of the backported Debian R packages on CRAN
January 3, 2007Since I ran into a problem with upgrading from an R backport, I got into fixing this problem. Now I have a set of complete backports of R 2.4.1 to Debian sarge and etch on i386 and amd64 (Software page)
September 7, 2006I managed to install Windows XP on top of a Debian Linux installation using Xen on a M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard with an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ processor in order to consolidate some computing services as described here.
June 26, 2006The chemCal package is now published on CRAN.
May 23, 2006I just published the chemCal package on this website. Unfortunately, prediction intervals for weighted regression models are not included (R bug PR#8877), but it is nonetheless useful, especially for predicting confidence intervals for measured values. The latter also for calibration models from weighted linear regression!
April 29, 2006I added a preprint of the recently resubmitted article on the correlation of lipophilicity (actually hydrophobicity would be the more exact term) and cytotoxicity of ionic liquids.
April 28, 2006I just submitted a new version of the drfit package to CRAN. It is already available from the newly created homepage of the drfit package. The biggest improvement are the demos that show an analysis for each built-in dataset.
March 16, 2006The upcoming version 7 of the vim editor will include syntax highlighting of R help files, it's in the CVS version. If you want to have it in vim 6, look under this link, it points to the latest version of the syntax definition rhelp.vim. Just download this file, put it in ~.vim/syntax and you're in business.
December 16, 2005If you would like to find out more about the ecotoxicological risk profiles that I proposed in my dissertation, I set up a website giving definitions for each of the five risk indicators here. These definitions are not the same that I gave in the dissertation, and I would like to learn how you think about them.
November 23, 2005In the course of migrating all services from eckehaat to the new server chem.uft.uni-bremen.de, I took my old homepage from the web. If you miss anything, please contact me.
November 18, 2005

I installed Linux on our new server chem.uft.uni-bremen.de. Only since November is a SATA RAID on this motherboard possible with the latest kernel. Here you can find out how I did it.

October 17, 2005

More than four years after the defense of my PhD thesis, I prepared an HTML version. I hope that this will facilitate access at least for some people. Unfortunately, Mozilla firefox doesn't use the stylesheet, so it looks better with other browsers such as konqueror or internet explorer. Sorry about this, I couldn't find a solution or workaround so far.

October 17, 2005

I set up a debian package repository a while ago. You can use my packages (e.g. vim-r-plugin, jing) by adding

deb http://www.uft.uni-bremen.de/chemie/ranke/debs ./
to your /etc/apt/sources.list. For sources, add
deb-src http://www.uft.uni-bremen.de/chemie/ranke/debs ./

October 15, 2005

I put up some information about Debian GNU/Linux on the Elitegroup ECS A532 that I bought this summer.

August 04, 2005

I created my first Debian package! It contains my R plugin for vim. Of course unofficial, but it is nicely integrated into the Debian system. Visit the Publications page and go to the bottom if you would like to know more.

July 20, 2005

After quite some time I submitted a real paper again, about the uptake and distribution of imidazolium ionic liquids in mammalian cells. More submissions are to follow. On another note, the summer school in Brno was a great success and I think both the students and the lecturers greatly profited from this activity. There will be a short report in the SETAC Globe.

March 30, 2005

Maybe it is time that I explain why the news are so sparse on this page - I have been informally appointed "vice president" of our small Department of Bioorganic Chemistry in the UFT and therefore my activities are reflected mainly on the website of our group

April 15, 2004

Today I got around to redesign my homepage in the style of the homepage of our group that I designed a year ago and redesigned this month. The old version will stay on eckehaat, where it used to come from so far, but this is now the "official" one.

November 28, 2003

I just came across my poster "Chemicals for tomorrow" from 1999 and produced a PDF version for your convenience. It is still good as a research program for me and our working group

October 30, 2003

It was a pleasure to talk at the 10th "Systemwissenschaftliches Kolloquium" at the USF in Osnabrück. You can look at the German abstract or the PDF presentation if you like.

September 05, 2003

I moved to Room 2070 (just next to our library, where I was before), and my phone number changed to 8971

May 2, 2002

I just finished my dissertation with the titel "Ecotoxicological Risk Profiles: Concept and Application to Antifouling biocides", which is now available at dissertation.de, but also directly from here as a PDF file, since I am so lucky to have a contract with a non-exclusive publisher.

You can also look at the slides from my doctoral defense in pdf-format - in German of course.

More news: I decided not to turn in my German paper on the social dimension of sustainable development to some journal - it's here for you to download directly.

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