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Johannes Ranke
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Contributions to Open Source Software

kinfit and mkin Two R packages for fitting kinetic models to chemical degradation data.
drfit An R package for fitting dose-response relationships to (eco-)toxicity data and for plotting the raw data as well as the fitted relationships. EC50 values with confidence intervals are calculated as well. I am not actively developing this further - if you are looking for something more sophisticated, have a look at R package drc.
chemCal A small and simple R package for dealing with calibration data as used in analytical chemistry.
vim R plugin for Linux/Unix An old vim plugin for sending R code from vim to R. The plugin also contained the first syntax files for R help files (Rd files) and R noweb files for processing with Sweave. There is now a fully blown successor on vim.org that works cross-platform and even has a deb packages for easy installation on Debian based systems.

Backports of R to Debian stable (and oldstable)

Please get them from CRAN mirrors by using the apt sources

deb http://<favorite-cran-mirror>/bin/linux/debian jessie-cran3/
deb-src http://<favorite-cran-mirror>/bin/linux/debian jessie-cran3/

as described in the Debian directory on CRAN.

Public git repositories

Some of my development work can be tracked via the web interface to my public git repositories:


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